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Speed up SMIL reftests on Android


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I split Android reftests into 4 chunks instead of 3 because reftest-3 was taking around 80 minutes and frequently timing out or just stopping in the middle of the run, characteristic of the way tegras can only concentrate for a little while before their minds wander.

That only partly improved things, and reftest-4 still takes around 75 minutes, so I did what I should have done first, and looked at the slowest test that's reported at the end of the run. That'd be "Slowest test took 287222ms (" for around 6% of the total job time, and because setup time is brutal for Android tests, more like 9% of the actual test run time, out of 1939 tests run. Waiting on a try run to see whether the next slowest is another big chunk of time, but that chunk? We can't afford that.
Slowest test took 191892ms ( (7% of the test run time).
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Does that make it fast enough?
50 means 50 times the size of the object i.e. 5000%, so 200% should be 1/25 the memory required.
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That certainly should help - (noignore because armv6 R4 has a single permaorange, but it should still be useful for timing info).
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Passed try as
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3rd time lucky

Hmm, interesting. So this is almost an instance of bug 781362 comment 4, but without a reliance on MozReftestInvalidate (and instead just a reliance on the CPU quieting down enough that we we can fire onload, or something?)

Anyway, r=me if this makes them run faster.
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Assignee: philringnalda → longsonr
Summary: Skip translate-pattern-1.svg on Android and investigate why it takes almost 5 minutes to run → Speed up SMIL reftests on Android
Do feel free to check this in for me please.
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