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Add a fourth chunk to Android reftests


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If you look at the logs for the links pasted into bug 663657, where reftests time out after 1200 seconds with no output, you'll see that they are reftest-3.

If you look at the logs for the links pasted into bug 689856, where a job is running along, and then suddenly after 61 minutes it stops in midstream, you'll see that they are reftest-3.

If you look at the total time for Android test jobs, you'll see that it's around 30 minutes per suite, except that reftest-2 is 45 minutes, and reftest-3 is around 60-80 minutes. I'd assert that that's longer than you can hold the attention of a tegra, and we need to add reftest-4 to balance them out to small enough chunks.

Obviously, that's a releng thing, but if I file it there it'll get bounced to you to say whether or not to do it, so just move it there when you agree.
Please define "you".

It sounds fine to me.
Sorry, that was more clear while filing it, where the cc field and the comment field are close together - the you that releng will want to have pre-approve it is jmaher.
This looks like a good thing to do!
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Slightly silly since the real problem is that skip-if(Android) isn't evenly distributed, so R1 does hardly any of its tests and R3 does almost all of them, but porting the reftest manifest parser to buildbot seems... unlikely to go well :)
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This looks good for android.
Did you want to do the same thing for android-armv6, or is that one fine?
If so, the relevant code is .
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You're right, I do - despite the small number of runs so far, it shows ample evidence of needing the same thing.
In production.
Depends on: 791427
Not sure this was a good idea after all - setup time is insane (I'm looking at a 65 minute R1 where the actual step was 20 minutes), and the fix for bug 791427 may have actually been all we needed.
But, despite the still-awful times, it did drop end-to-end time.
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