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Wifi: Dying message managers don't get correctly unregistered


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Currently, we have code in the DOM wifi manager that is supposed to tell the parent process when it's going away. Apparently, by the time we get notified that our process is dying, we aren't able to send messages anymore. That means that the steps (with a clean config):

* start the settings app
* close the settings app
* reopen the settings app and connect to a network

doesn't show any UI when we connect to the network since we end up trying to send a notification message to a message manager that has been torn down. bug 777200 provides a mechanism for fixing this, but in the meantime, we'll have to hack around it.
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I want to check this in to fix the symptom and fix the underlying problem later.
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Summary: Dying message managers don't get correctly unregistered → Wifi: Dying message managers don't get correctly unregistered
No longer depends on: 777200
Does this actually hack around that bug?  What code will remove the mm?  Do we keep sending failed messages to it forever?
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This removes dead managers at the same time.
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better hack

This patch really puts the "Java" into "JavaScript".  At least you used a closure ;).
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