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Arrow panels displayed at wrong position sometimes


(Toolkit :: General, defect)

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Sometimes arrow panels are appearing at the wrong location for me. I've seen this with panels for the Social API and new Download Panel, so there's something awry in either the popup notification code or below.

It's also possible this is two separate bugs... From the most recent few instances, I've noticed the download panel is opening a totally wrong position (eg near the upper-left of the window), whereas the social api panel seems to be opening roughly at the right spot but the attached arrow itself isn't pointing to the social api button.

I've seen this on both Windows and OS X. (Well, for downloads. I'm only using SocialAPI on OS X)
Downloads panel is already covered in bug 751947. Want to just morph this to handle social, and hope that that one fixes it anyway?
In the social panel case, what happens is we open the panel anchored to an element with a size of 100x100, then we resize the panel.  The panel resizes to the left (ie, the left border moves) and the anchor arrow moves with it.  ie, the anchor arrow starts off at the correct location, but then moves to an incorrect location as the panel sizes.  This is noticeable in debug builds where the process happens slowly enough to see it.

It sounds a little like bug 751947 is different, although it may share the same root cause.
It sounds like all that is left here is bug 798226
Depends on: 798226
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