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Add noise to the white background used for transparent images in image documents


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Bug 754133 changes our ImageDocument display to use a white (#ffffff) background for images, so that transparent images assuming a white background are still readable with our stylized imagedocs.

I think we can improve this further, by adding some noise to that part (as we do with the dark background of the rest of the page). Looks a bit nicer, and acts as a (very subtle) cue that there's actually transparency, and not just a image saved with a white background.

Some previously referenced example images:

I've also moved the data: url for the existing noise texture to an actual image file.

The image for the light noise is a copy from what's used in about:home (chrome://browser/content/abouthome/noise.png)
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Patch v.1

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Code here looks fine. As long as the noise isn't too bothersome for the graph/chart use case I'm fine with it.

As discussed on IRC, maybe move the image files and the TopLevel*Document.css files to /toolkit/themes/*stripe/media.
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Oh, I forgot to mention...

This change will probably break a lot of image reftests. See for one of the places that will also need to be updated.

There are a couple ways to work around the image reftest situation, but I'm not sure which one we should do at the moment.
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I like it. It's subtle enough that it doesn't really affect dark on light images and yet it makes a pretty big difference in visibility of light on dark images.
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Move stuff to the media subdir, and fixed up reftests.

Pushed to try:
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Patch v.2

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r+ as long as the reftests pass. +1 for the NB.
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Try run was green, I think checking this in just got forgotten. Although I see that the patch is missing summary and author details.
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Yeah, was just waiting for Try and ui-r. Thanks whomever lands this! :)
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Patch v.2

Review of attachment 665185 [details] [diff] [review]:

Just realized that this also needs review from someone for the /content/html and /image/test portions. Flagging as appropriate.
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Patch v.2

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Is this really what we want to do? Adding noise on purpose?

I strongly recommend to undo this change. I filed a bug report (bug 848018) before because I couldn't imagine this was intended behavior. Also the noisy gray site background should be changed (bug 789820).
Depends on: 850504
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