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Please reimage sea-mini-osx64-{1,2,3,4} with an OSX 10.7 install


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So, SeaMonkey has been burning on trunk since Firefox 17 branched to aurora, since we turned off the ability to build with gcc.

Adding in tooltool and using clang didn't emmediately fix us, which then prompted me to upgrade XCode, which needed newer OSX, which needed a newer mac installer.

After doing so we still have the error, due to what seems like a divergence in XCode SDK files, and where they install between Snow Leopard and Lion.

As such, I would like to reimage our OSX 10.6.8 machines (r4 mini's) which are in scl3 to be OSX 10.7 machines.

SeaMonkey Setup will be from:

We can retain the current hostnames.

The Steps needed for Relops are:

erase the hard disc
install Mac OS X 10.7 from recovery media (not a 10.6 upgrade)
Create user:

    Name: SeaMonkey Builder
    Username: seabld
    password being the standard seabld password
Dustin tells me in IRC that basic ServerOps are responsible for community needs now.
Assignee: server-ops-releng → server-ops
Component: Server Operations: RelEng → Server Operations
QA Contact: arich → jdow
Severity: major → normal
Component: Server Operations → Server Operations: DCOps
QA Contact: jdow → dmoore
It dawns on me that whoever is doing this may need to do the following, otherwise I likely won't be able to VNC/ssh remotely to these:

set seabld to autologin 
enable ssh and screensharing

Where do I obtain a Mac OS X 10.7 from recovery media (not a 10.6 upgrade)? Is this a physical CD I need or is this image
colo-trip: --- → scl3
shouldn't have hit save before I completed my sentence.

Is this a physical CD I need or is this image done by deploy studio?
So, I doubt this helps much, since I want/need the same minor version:

[15:59:30]	Callek	jhford: re: 10.7 install media [as described at the top of [recovery media]] do you know where it is? (I got asked that in my Bug 793463)
[15:59:32]	firebot	Bug nor, P1, ---, server-ops, NEW, Please reimage sea-mini-osx64-{1,4} with an OSX 10.7 install
[15:59:56]	jhford	i dont think i ever got any that worked
[16:00:43]	jhford	so i used an external hard drive with snow leopard then used install
[16:00:51]	jhford	lion is a pita to install
[16:01:18]	Callek	where did you get from specifically?
[16:01:34]	Callek	is trying to tell this to DCOps so they can do this for us
[16:03:48]	jhford	"install"
[16:03:50]	jhford	through the app store
[16:04:25]	jhford	if you download it now, you'll end up with a different minor version most likely
[16:04:35]	jhford	and if you do it today, you might be screwed over by gatekeeper
Summary: Please reimage sea-mini-osx64-{1,4} with an OSX 10.7 install → Please reimage sea-mini-osx64-{1,2,3,4} with an OSX 10.7 install
I was able to grab a 10.7 image from http://fs2/IT/Apple/ to image these machines. However it requires an internet connection to download additional packages. 

I have successfully reimaged sea-mini-osx64-{1-3}, enabled screen sharing, ssh, enabled auto login for seabld and turned off hard drive sleep.

sea-mini-osx64-4 is having issues downloading the packages and I'll revisit this when I come back to scl3 Thursday. It takes about 2 hours for the packages to be downloaded and the o/s to finish installing.
all 4 hosts have been reimaged with 10.7 and configured as requested.

[vle@admin1b]~% fping sea-mini-osx64-{1..4} is alive is alive is alive is alive

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