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Add support for the PLAINTEXT signature method to oauth.jsm


(Thunderbird :: FileLink, enhancement)

Not set


(thunderbird16 fixed, thunderbird17 fixed)

Thunderbird 18.0
Tracking Status
thunderbird16 --- fixed
thunderbird17 --- fixed


(Reporter: florian, Assigned: tom)




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The PLAINTEXT OAuth signature method is required to add Spideroak support for Filelink, and is also needed to fix bug 764312 (sending files with a name containing the '(' or ')' characters through Ubuntu One).

A patch for this has been developed and reviewed in bug 744035 for Spideroak, but it would be useful for Ubuntu One to land this before the Spideroak support is finished, so I'm splitting this out to a separate bug per Mark's request.
This patch comes from bug 744035. It's an almost exact copy of attachment 636163 [details] [diff] [review].
I only fixed a coding style nit I had (renamed the "verifier" parameter to "aVerifier") and added a commit message (that lists Tom Thompson as the author).

David Bienvenu already reviewed that patch in bug 744035. I did a drive by review there of a previous version of the patch (I'm the original author of that OAuth code), and my review comments have been addressed.

I think we should take this for Thunderbird 17 to fix bug 764312, and possibly for Thunderbird 16 too.

After this lands, someone should verify that bug 764312 is actually fixed, and that the Dropbox add-on still works.
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Patch (from bug 744035)

Mike says this works fine with Dropbox, so a=me.
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