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Thunderbird does not see user online and can't receive message from a contact with a singe quote in its resource


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Thunderbird 18.0
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If a remote contact has a single quote (') in their XMPP resource, Thunderbird's Instant Messaging client will never see it online. If the contact messages the user using Thunderbird, no message will be received.

If the remote user removes the single quote from its resource, it will show as online in Thunderbird's contact list as expected and Thunderbird will receive messages from the remote user.
Thanks for reporting this.

When Thunderbird receives a presence stanza with a single quote in the resource, this error appears in the Error Console:
Error: TypeError: this._account._parseJID(...) is null
Ever confirmed: true
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86 → All
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The XMPP rfc says that the following characters are excluded for the "node" part of the JID:
    #x22 (")
    #x26 (&)
    #x27 (')
    #x2F (/)
    #x3A (:)
    #x3C (<)
    #x3E (>)
    #x40 (@)

But doesn't list any prohibited ASCII character for the resource part ( so I think we shouldn't exclude any character there.

For the domain part, it just says it should be a valid domain name. The only characters that we really have to exclude in that part for our regexp to work are @ and / but I think the list we currently have is reasonable.
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The change looks good, I wish those regular expressions were a bit more readable, but I don't think there's a reasonable way to do that.
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Low risk, so I think we should take this on comm-aurora for Thunderbird 17.
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