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Move DOMImplementation to Paris bindings


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Shouldn't there be some nsDocument bits here too?
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Let's try this again.
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Patch v2

>+++ b/content/base/src/DOMImplementation.cpp

This was there in the code you copied from, but it's clearly silly.  Make the nsISupports bit not use AMBIGUOUS?

>+++ b/dom/bindings/Bindings.conf
>+'DOMImplementation': {

Now that bug 792980 is fixed, you don't need that.

Given that this is not prefable, why did you leave nsIDOMDOMImplementation and associated gunk?  Seems like it can go....

r=me with those addressed.  Though if you do remove nsIDOMDOMImplementation, I'd like a look at the result.
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This interface is pretty silly. I like this better. (Turns out I don't strictly need it, as DOMImplementation still inherit from nsISupports.)
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Part b: Pass an nsIContent to InternalIsSupported

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Part c: Remove nsIDOMDOMImplementation

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This passes try, at least. (Should've thought about that earlier.)
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Do we really want to remove nsIDOMDOMImplementation? I would expect some
binary addons to use it to create documents.
(And in fact it is probably the safest way to create "data" documents to be used in web pages.)
Keywords: addon-compat
> I would expect some binary addons to use it to create documents.

How would they get their hands on an nsIDOMDOMImplementation?
From nsIDOMDocument
And in particular, note that the ability to create a DOMImplementation by contract went away in bug 675166.

So are you thinking about cases in which the binary addon would call GetImplementation on an existing document?
I guess if we think binary addons are using it, we could keep it...  It seems somewhat unfortunate, though.  :(
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Part d: Followup fixes

r=me on this part, but I talked to smaug and we decided to keep nsIDOMDOMImplementation for now for C++ consumers.  :(  Still don't need classinfo, of course.
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