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OrangeFactor should adjust 'es_server' automatically if testing the client-side from the local filesystem


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This is OrangeFactor's equivalent of bug 799908.

Currently we can test client-side only changes by running index.html from the local filesystem & pointing the UI at the production server-side components. However this requires changing es_server in woo.config.js every time I want to test locally. 

I do this by popping/pushing an mq, but it's still a PITA to have to remember to do - and if I forget to push the mq before starting the next patch, I inevitably end up at some point qrefreshing parts of the patch into my baseURL mq patch.

We should just detect "file:" in window.location.protocol and set the value automatically to save this messing about.
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Happy to adjust the wording (or line wrapping of the ternary) if needed :-)
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Very cool! I suppose eventually we'll want to change this to point to our dev server when it's up, but good for now.
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Cheers :-)
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