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Uploading and playing ogg videos doesn't work


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I downloaded:
and pushed it to the device.

When I start the music app I see:

E/GeckoConsole(  668): Content JS WARN at app:// in metadataError: MediaDB: error parsing metadata for Movies/123.ogg : malformed ogg comment packet
E/GeckoConsole(  668): Content JS WARN at app:// in metadataError: MediaDB: error parsing metadata for Movies/123.ogg : Error: advance past end of buffer

I verified that I can play the file again if I download it from the card.
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David Clarke, can you help see if this is reproducible?
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(In reply to Andrew Overholt [:overholt] from comment #1)
> David Clarke, can you help see if this is reproducible?

QA Contact, not assignee for QA btw.
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QA Contact: dclarke
This is in fact reproducible, but I think possibly this is a gaia bug, possibly in the mediaDB.js.

If we are unable to parse the metadata, we don't allow the file to be played. 

That looks like what is happening here, my recommend would be to create this as a gaia bug.
dflanagan can probably tell the exact issue, or i can dig in, if further clarification is needed.
I tried to play the ogg on desktop and it says the file is corrupt.
Oops.  ignore comment 5.  must have been a bad download.  I was able to play the ogg video just fine.
- Ogg video doesn't show in the video app... 
- music app is finding the videos and saying it's an unknown type.

We should probably split this into two bugs?
Assigning to Dale for the video part. Dale, can you file a new separate bug for the Music app problem, and assign to Dominic?
Assignee: nobody → dale
Will the camera be able to record ogg video?
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Should we just not support ogv, then?
We can't do that.

Is the problem here that the hard-coded file extensions in mediastorage are classifying a .ogg video as audio?
Can we sniff files that are ambiguous?  Don't we have this problem with mp4 too?
Generally .oga and .ogg is for ogg audio, .ogv for video. See RFC 5334:
Do we have evidence that .ogg videos are very uncommon?
I thought that we had mechanics to support autodetecting mimetypes only when loading files locally. I.e. some sort of concept of a "weak" mimetype indication.

Or does our audio/video code generally not do any sniffing in any situations?
With ogg files recognised as videos and this PR

.ogg videos play fine, audio .ogg files are always recognised as video/ogg however we can check a videoWidth property to check if actual video is present

The crash in the Music app is doing exactly as its supposed to, we might want to clean up the actual error thats thrown, however it is correctly refusing to play Video ogg files.
r- on the gaia patch, but it should be easy to fix. See my comments on github.

Dale, in the future, please attach a dummy file on bugzilla to point to github, and request review here. As we've transitioned to bugzilla, I haven't been keeping up with review requests on github.

Note that we've got a similar issue with .mp4 files, which can be audio or video. See which probably needs to be converted to a bugzilla bug.
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Cheers David, I fixed up the patch, and I will make sure to get the bugzilla review thing fixed for next time.
and as a note this should fix mp4 audio files as well, updated the commit message / comments to reflect that
Comment on attachment 675092 [details]
Add check to make sure audio files with video/ content types are not confused with videos

A couple of optional nits to consider on github, but overall looks good.
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