Implement non-fatal assertion and error message instead of crashing for unsupported devices




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6 years ago
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6 years ago
ARMv7 devices with an unsupported GPU make Firefox crash on startup for various reasons:
* OpenGL ES 2.0 not supported: bug 778175
* OpenGL ES 2.0 supported but Vivante GPU driver bug: bug 771774
* OpenGL ES 2.0 supported but unknown graphic driver bug: bug 783196

We should blocklist them like in bug 775237 for ARMv6 devices.


6 years ago
Blocks: 783196
No longer blocks: 783189
I believe we blocked all devices we could find in the play store that were crashing. There are a non-zero number of devices that do not have a play store entry thus cannot be blocked. There was a suggestion of having the assertion be non-fatal and providing some error message.

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6 years ago
Created attachment 673556 [details]
Devices with only crashes on abort in 17.0 Beta 12_18-10-2012

Based on, I created an ODS document where I kept devices (ARMv6 & ARMv7) with only crashes on abort (unable to distinguish startup/non-startup crashes and to know the abort message) and filtered those with more than 10 crashes.
Brad - what do you think of getting someone to follow through with comment 1's suggestion of having a non-fatal assertion and error message?  Would this be something that could also be rolled into handling for unsupported ARMv6 devices (thus, something probably desirable for 17)?
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6 years ago
Summary: sync device exclusions for unsupported ARMv7 devices → Implement non-fatal assertion and error message instead of crashing for unsupported devices
Not tracking 17, we block list these things in the market for release, not in the product.
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filter on [mass-p5]
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