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design.txt email autoresponse has weird non-unicode characters in it


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Reported by a French localizer, copy-pasting the content of design.txt in an etherpad breaks the etherpad by making it unusable.

I looked at the file and there is indeed some weirdness to it, although my text editor detects it as an UTF8 file, there are sentences visually missing but that you can find using search. This is a problem for localizers since it makes it difficult to translate it, and this is also probably a problem for email desktop clients which are often less tolerant with funky encoding problems than browsers.

I converted the file with iconv to only use ascii letters and convert utf-8 special characters using this command:
iconv -f UTF-8 -t ISO-8859-15//TRANSLIT design.txt -o design.txt 

I'll make a pull request to master for that.
Assignee: nobody → pascalc
Thanks for reporting this and fixing.  Note that we're going to be updating the design auto-response soon, so we should also make sure that doesn't have the same problem.  This is in bug 801113.
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Bug 804122 - design.txt email autoresponse has weird non-unicode characters in it
This has been pushed to production.
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