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Remove country code validation from navigator.mozPay()


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As discussed [1] the country code can be removed from client side validation of JWTs since it not needed. Until this is fixed, the Marketplace and apps that accept in-app payments will have to pass in country: XX to pass validation. Part of this change would be to make request.defaultPrice to point instead to a currency code (I'm not sure if that affects validation or not). Validation happens here:


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No longer depends on: 800511, 805130, 805132
Putting this in the nom queue based on the design decision in comment 0. Note to bug triagers:
If we don't do this, we'll need to document that a caller will need to provide a country code that will not be used. It's possible that I could hear an argument that this may be okay to have though, however.

To whoever triages this - I'd really appreciate getting a rationale written in the bug especially for this one if it blocks or not and why.
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We discussed this and think it should be a P3 blocker.  If we don't get a patch very soon we're likely to not block on this.

Kumar, will you do this work?
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Looks like Fernando took it as he knows it best. Thanks Fernando.
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For the record: country codes were originally intended to handle prices in the same currency that might change depending on the country. We are leaning toward handling that instead by using priceTier: 1, 2, ... That way we can also handle currency rate fluctuation and prices that might change per carrier.
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