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[meta] Implement new client side payment provider flow


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(Keywords: meta)

Our move to a new payment provider requires refactoring of client and server flows.  This bug tracks those changes.
Keywords: meta
See for data flows and supporting info.
Depends on: basecamp-id
Depends on: 794651
Depends on: 794677
making bug 775802 a dep (not a blocker) because that covers everything that the Marketplace needs to do to make payments work. There are other Gaia and identity pieces which will go on this tracker.
No longer blocks: marketplace-payments
No longer depends on: 794677
No longer depends on: 794651
Lucas, we will be following this too.

We haven't permissions to access, but everything will be at, right? Otherwise, we will need permissions to access the first link.

(In reply to David Lozano from comment #4)
> We haven't permissions to access

that was just for the sequence flow which had partner details. I removed the details and posted it publicly on the wiki
Depends on: 795492
Depends on: 793329
No longer depends on: 793329
Depends on: 797927
Depends on: 797930
Depends on: 804485
Depends on: 806425
No longer depends on: 795492
No longer depends on: 797927
No longer depends on: 797930
Depends on: TrustedUI
Did some refactoring of the tracking bugs. This one I'm treating as tracking any work required on the client side for payment provider flow. Let's use bug 775802 for the marketplace work, so that people don't get confused.
No longer depends on: marketplace-payments
Summary: [meta] Implement new payment provider flow → [meta] Implement new client side payment provider flow
Depends on: 793329
Depends on: 803455
Depends on: 767818
Depends on: 805123
Depends on: 800511
No longer depends on: 800511
Depends on: 805130
Depends on: 804080
Depends on: 800511
No longer depends on: 806425
Depends on: 777023
Depends on: 808798
No longer depends on: 808798
Depends on: 806425
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Depends on: 810449
Depends on: 810475
Depends on: 809714
No longer depends on: 810449
No longer depends on: 810475
No longer depends on: 806425
No longer depends on: 804485
No longer depends on: 809714
No longer depends on: 803455
No longer depends on: basecamp-id
No longer depends on: 777023
No longer depends on: 809219
Closing this bug as fixed - at this point, the client-side implementation for mozPay is finished and validated (although there's always a change of regressions, but this webapi I'm not expecting to regress due to low code churn). Trustworthy UI is being tracked separately against bug 801561, although the work is pretty much done there implementation-wise with some followups.
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Depends on: 815148
Depends on: 826520
Depends on: 829170
No longer depends on: 829170
Depends on: 813811
Depends on: 818317
Depends on: 832951
Depends on: 831524
No longer depends on: 818317
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