Map.prototype.size and Set.prototype.size should be accessor properties

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This is a breaking change for any code using .size() on Map or Set objects. The patch includes fixes for in-tree uses.

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7 years ago
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I considered changing JS_DefineProperty with JSPROP_NATIVE_ACCESSORS so as to make the getter function objects have == "size", but function object .name properties are totally unspecified. Some other time perhaps.
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Given that the accessors in { get foo() { } } have no name, and perhaps we might want to self-host this or something at some point, it seems best to not have a name, definitely.

I completely agree with the logical argument for .size over .size(), as made in the es-discuss thread; it's totally rational and correct, and we should have .size, not .size().  But when I look at this, this irrationally looks weird and wrong to me.  Maybe it's just because I'm seeing both cases next to each other and there's cross-pollination of smell.  I dunno.  Forward!
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I just updated the Map and Set documentation, including a note that it changed in FF19
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Duplicate of this bug: 801393
Looking at this diff from v8, they seem to set the getter name to "size".
See comment 6 - I updates the docs on MDN ( and and cleared dev-doc-needed based on that.  If something else is necessary, please indicate it.
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
(In reply to Kohei Yoshino from comment #10)
> I think this should be mentioned in
> too.

Done :)
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