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The desktop notifications are randomly displayed. On Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows the desktop notifications are sometimes displayed. On Mac OS X the desktop notifications are not displayed at all. 

Steps to reproduce:
1. Log into your Facebook account
2. Enable Social API and make sure that "Show Desktop Notifications" is checked (click on the Facebook button in the Navigation bar)
3. From a different Facebook account perform the following operations to the user from step 1: like, comment photos, share.

Expected results:
The desktop notification are properly displayed after each operation.

Actual results:
The results are different depending on the operating system:

* On Mac OS X
- the desktop notification are never showed 

*Ubuntu and Windows:
1. the desktop notifications are the first ones showed, after that the button "See all notifications" changes state informing that you have a new notification
2. the desktop notification is showed only after clicking on the "See all notifications" button in the navigation bar. Please see the screencast: You will notice that the desktop notification is displayed in the moment I click the notifications button in the navigation bar.
3. the desktop notification is not displayed at all - only the notifications button in the navigation bar shows it.

This is also reproducible on Firefox 17 beta 5.
This looks to be a bug with Facebook. Note that Mac users need to have Growl installed to see the desktop notifications.
Component: SocialAPI → SocialAPI: Providers
Hardware: x86 → All
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