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Don't use a temporary surface for inactive opacity surfaces if we don't need to


(Core :: Layout, defect)




Performance Impact fixed
a11y-review fixed
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relnote-firefox --- fixed
thunderbird_esr91 fixed fixed
thunderbird_esr102 fixed fixed
firefox-esr102 fixed fixed
firefox111 fixed fixed
firefox112 fixed fixed
firefox113 fixed fixed


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Attached patch Skip PushGroup if we can (obsolete) — Splinter Review
We do this a lot when painting gmail, this *should* help with performance there a fair bit.
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I realise that there are a lot more display item types that could probably return false here, we should do that as a followup.
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Skip PushGroup if we can

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I think this prevents opacity from being applied at all.

I suggest turning these layers into ImageLayers.
This is simple and worth having.

I have a WIP patch that fixes the other patch in this bug. It works, but needs a lot of tidying up.
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Attachment #681724 - Flags: review?(roc)
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Depends on: 816692
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