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Scirra RenderPerf3 slower than chrome


(Core :: JavaScript Engine, defect)

Windows 7




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The benchmark at gets around 142k in Chrome, vs. 66k in Firefox on my box with a 560 Ti.  On my work desktop with a faster CPU with a Quadro 2000, they both get around 33k.  No idea why Chrome gets such a big win on a faster GPU, but we should figure it out.
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We spend about 71% of our time in JS. This benchmark would also improve slightly (~5% I'd guess) from using double buffering.

My guess is this benchmark needs some JS tuning.
Yep, looks like it.  Curious -- I wonder why that's different on my Quadro 2000 box?  I guess the 3D cost ends up overriding the JS cost?  Moving this to JS.  Unfortunately the code is obfuscated, we can probably reach out and get unobfuscated one.
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Component: Canvas: WebGL → JavaScript Engine
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