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[css3-page] Support for @page :left, :right, :first selectors (pseudo-classes)


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(Keywords: css2, dev-doc-needed, testcase)


Jean-Yves, why the dev-doc-needed keyword if the pseudo-classes have not been implemented yet?

The appropriate layout component for this bug should be Printing: Output

This bug should be blocking bug 605520 and it does not block bug 115199

There is a bunch of tests on :left, :right, :first pseudo-classes at
and also at

I propose to update the summary to read:

Support for @page :left, :right, :first selectors (pseudo-classes)

so that this helps finding this bug report when searching

css2 and testcase keywords should be added

OS field should be All

Re: 1. 

Gerard, dev-doc-needed will allow this bug to appear on our list of tasks once RESOLVED. There is no need to read every comment on it until it is RESOLVED to be sure to add ddn at the right moment.
Blocks: css2.1-tests
Keywords: css2, testcase
OS: Mac OS X → All
> 4-
> There is a bunch of tests on :left, :right, :first pseudo-classes at

Corrected links:
 and also at
Component: Style System (CSS) → Printing: Output
No longer depends on: 115199
Summary: Support CSS 2.1 @page Page Selectors → Support for @page :left, :right, :first selectors (pseudo-classes)
A question about the change to the Summary:  

Have all the other selectors in @Page been implemented?  If not, in which bug report is that deficiency described?
Hello David,

As far as CSS 2.1 is involved, there are only 3 selectors for @page at rule. 

CSS Paged Media Module Level 3
also lists :blank. 

Specialized/customized at-rules like {@top-left-corner, @top-left, @top-center, @top-right, @top-right-corner, ..., @bottom-right-corner} are different issues and should probably be filed in another bug report when/once CSS Paged Media Module Level 3 reaches Candidate Recommendation.

Severity: normal → S3

The severity field for this bug is relatively low, S3. However, the bug has 11 votes.
:jwatt, could you consider increasing the bug severity?

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The last needinfo from me was triggered in error by recent activity on the bug. I'm clearing the needinfo since this is a very old bug and I don't know if it's still relevant.

Flags: needinfo?(jwatt)
Duplicate of this bug: 1818501
Type: defect → task
Summary: Support for @page :left, :right, :first selectors (pseudo-classes) → [css3-page] Support for @page :left, :right, :first selectors (pseudo-classes)
Depends on: 1833471
No longer blocks: 1246805
Blocks: 1863050
Depends on: 1869211
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