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unprefix CSSRule.MOZ_KEYFRAME{,S}_RULE constants


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Not set





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Remove the prefix from CSSRule.MOZ_KEYFRAME_RULE and CSSRule.MOZ_KEYFRAMES_RULE, now that we have unprefixed the animation properties.
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Should really bump the UUID of the interface, too...
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patch (v1.1)

This doesn't need an iid bump, but could you also leave the prefixed versions until we remove support for the prefixed CSS?
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Ah yes, sure.  (I don't really have an idea of what changes require IID bumps and which don't.)
The basic rule of thumb is that if it changes the vtable layout it needs an iid bump.
But since you didn't make it pref-controlled, could you at least have a comment that includes the "layout.css.prefixes.animations" pref name, so that we're more likely to remember to remove it when we removed the prefixed stuff?
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I've documented this by creating the pages: and

They were missing.

I updated: and

A question our current implementation of CSSKeyframe{s}Rule interface are still prefixed. We only unprefixed the constant. Is this correct? If so is there a bug to unprefix them?
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