Can't add SDK 1.12 to Builder


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5 years ago
3 years ago


(Reporter: KWierso, Assigned: zalun)





5 years ago
Oremj tried running the ./ add_core_lib command to add SDK 1.12, and it failed with this error: 'One of these packages is required: api-utils, jetpack-core'

File "/data/addons-dev/src/", line 65, in get_core_manifest
', '.join(ALLOWED_CORE_NAMES.keys()))

The SDK no longer has jetpack-core or api-utils packages, as we're now packageless, so will need to be changed to adjust for this.
Here's my suggestion for how I think this should work:

* adding SDK versions 1.12 and up, we should skip adding the special addon-kit and api-utils packages - this makes sense as there are no longer any packages in the SDK
* when creating a new add-on or package, they should not have any dependencies
* when upgrading from SDK 1.11 to a newer version, remove existing addon-kit and api-utils dependencies.

What we need to test in particular is upgrading an existing add-on that has multiple package dependencies, to make sure it gets packaged properly.

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5 years ago;namedcmd=Moje;list_id=5176907

PackageRevision does not directly depend on the SDK's libraries. It is just assigned to an SDK. The issue was only to remove/hide all direct calls to the library if it doesn't exist.

After this SDK will be installed in -dev we need to test XPI building and export to .zip
WFM on -dev.
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