The visibility of the FMRadio component can be depend by more than 1 app




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6 years ago
Created attachment 690838 [details] [diff] [review]
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6 years ago
I forgot to change the UUID of the IDL but I'll wait for comments before submitting a new patch.
Hm, we had planned to review this for bug 820241.  There are many bad things that multiple clients can do right now.  But this is fine.
Although on second thought I'm not sure this patch is going to improve the experience of multiple apps trying to use the radio concurrently.

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6 years ago
This patch it's just about the usage of the content audio channel if multiple apps use the radio concurrently.
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I don't have the right to set r+, transfer to proper one.
Maybe only allow one client to use fmradio is better for avoiding such kind of competition.
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Andrea, do you think this code has value while we await bug 820241?  What use cases do you have in mind?
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6 years ago
> Maybe only allow one client to use fmradio is better for avoiding such kind
> of competition.

If we do this, this patch is not needed.
In general, my concern is that multiple apps can use FMRadio but the visibility is a boolean flag set by one of them.
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That's true, but the enabled-ness and channel are also set by one of them.

If you don't have some use cases in mind, I'd prefer we take this patch as a starter for bug 820241 :).

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