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filter.png, noise.png and showall.png in browser/devtools/profiler/cleopatra/images are empty


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Not set


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Firefox 20


(Reporter: rcampbell, Assigned: anton)



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(1 file, 1 obsolete file)

Empty files landed in profiler/cleopatra. We should remove them if unused.
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Depends on: 795268
noise.png is also empty, and referred to in ui.css.
It should be removed, as well as the corr. part in the background-image statement, as it has not effect at all being empty).

Furthermore the -webkit- and -moz- lines should be removed from the cleopatra/*.css files.
If you look at the attached patch you'll see that noise.png is not empty anymore. I'll remove prefixed CSS properties.
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Updated Cleo light and removed unused image files.

+@-webkit-keyframes darken {
+  from {

ugh. ok.
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Updated Cleo light and removed unused image files.

should also add a non-prefixed version of the @keyframes rules for fx 16+.
can we ditch the -webkit and -moz prefixes entirely for this? Since cleo-light exists solely for inclusion in the browser, there's not much reason to keep them.
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Ideally cleo-light would use the same JS/CSS files as the normal cleopatra except for having a flag set. However the extra prefixes causes a lot of error console noise :(. Note that this 'update' doesn't really pull in the newer changes from cleopatra. One notable change is being able to click on the histogram to select a sample.
Some -moz- properties are still there because shows that they are still prefixed in all version of Firefox.
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we should submit these changes as a pull request to the cleo-light branch in github.
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