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Make the Global Scope Polluter work for non-html scopes


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(Reporter: bzbarsky, Assigned: bholley)




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Now that we always have a gsp, we should just do named frame lookups from it.  That's what the spec says to do anyway, and that way we don't have to have weird Window behavior.
Blocks: 824217
No longer blocks: 842259
Depends on: 850517
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part 1.  Install a global scope polluter even if we don't have an HTML document.

I'm almost surprised that we already null check everywhere that we need to.
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Attached patch Now with a test (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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I fixed the bug as-filed in bug 850517, but now we're running into problems with the GSP not existing for non-HTML documents. I'm going to use this bug for that, starting with bz's patches.
Summary: Move named frame lookups from nsWindowSH::GetProperty to the global scope polluter → Make the Global Scope Polluter work for non-html scopes
Assignee: bzbarsky → bobbyholley+bmo
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Now with a test

Given that I think we're in a bit of a hurry on this one, I'm going to do the try push and review requests simultaneously.
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Part 1 - Have the global scope polluter find the document via the global. v1

>+  nullptr

Could just leave it off, too.  Either way.

>+  nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMHTMLDocument> domDoc =

nsIHTMLDocument, please.  Might not be worth worrying about if this code goes away.

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Part 2 - Resolve named frames for non-HTML documents. v1

Definitely nsIHTMLDocument here, please.  r=me
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Part 3 - Stop pref-controlling the GSP. v1

This is the part mrbkap already reviewed.  So r=, but him not me.  ;)
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Duplicate of this bug: 851924
Tracking due to bug 851924, which points to a concerning web regression.
Arg, I wrote "linu64" rather than "linux64", so no try jobs were triggered. Pushing again:
Blocks: 852252
Duplicate of this bug: 852549
Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML
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