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unrequested nsmail.tmp attachment being added to forwards


(Thunderbird :: Message Compose Window, defect)

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(Keywords: privacy, Whiteboard: [invalid?])

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Steps to reproduce:

Forward message to any address

Actual results:

As I attempt to forward from a specific account, a tmp file is being included as an attachment. It is nsmail.tmp and the program is grabbing it from the TEMP folder on my Local Settings folder. There should be no attachments at all. The forward is set up to be inline.

Happening only on one of several accounts.

1) pls verify your setting for:

Tools > Options > Composition > General > Forward messages:
Make sure it is set to inline.

2a) Which method do you use to Forward (pls mention every little click, button, keypress, context menu etc.)?

2b) Do you forward a single message or multiple messages when the problem occurs?

3) Does your problem also occur when you start TB in safe mode?

4) What type is the affected account: Pop or Imap?

5) Does your problem *always* occur on that account when forwarding, or only sometimes?

FTR, this is very unlikely to be a bug in TB.
Whiteboard: [invalid?]
1. Setting is Inline

2a. Forward button at top of message screen. However, fault occurs using Ctrl + L, the tool bar at the top of the program screen.

2b. Single and multiple.

3. Occurs in normal start and in safe mode.

4. Pop

5. Occurs always with messages retrieved from that specific account, never from messages moved from other accounts. Occurs always with messages retrieved from that account even when those messages are moved to another account and then forwarded. 

I have 6 pop accounts on the tree, and this occurs only in a single account. It began to occur within the last week or 2.

Andrew, do you still see this?

We've had a couple attachment issues like

  • Bug 581515 - dragging attachment from received message to compose window can attach the wrong file
  • Bug 799450 - Thunderbird adds the text of an email in the Drafts folder to an email I send (Confidential data in other/irrelevant draft mail is silently exposed to unexpected recipients by Tb as data of image part)
Component: Untriaged → Message Compose Window
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Keywords: privacy

I just saw nsmail.tmp in a different context, sorry for hijacking this bug:
I purposefully forwarded a message (inline) with an attachment, let's say Attachment.docx.
This attachment was shown as an attachment to the forwarding message, with the correct name. But when I double-clicked it to open it, Thunderbird wanted to open nsmail.tmp (for which it didn't have a proper application ...). So it knew the correct name, but when executing this action somehow didn't use it ...

=> filed as bug 1713213

Reporter is gone. I can't reproduce this. And we don't have an example testcase message

Closed: 1 year ago
Flags: needinfo?(alitkowiak)
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