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better visual highlight of chat windows


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mimimized chats do not give any visual notification that activity has occurred.  it might, but is so slight as to be non-existent.

for maximized chats, the difference between focused and non-focused chat windows is minimal, more difference is necessary to make it obvious.
We could allow them to specify the color and additional icon (bug 824158) via the activity dom event that notifies us of chat activity.  The question is, do we want to allow them to set the activity color, or do we want to make those firefox colors, but more visible?
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This, along with the attached chatcolor.png, is one approach.  We allow the provider to define the highlight color when there is activity.  IMO The image also shows the pitfall of doing this.
IMO, Firefox should own the theming of this.  IOW, I think the best fix lies in our own CSS.  An additional icon to indicate activity might be reasonable though...
The initial approach is going to be changing the color of the highlighted/selected chat to make it more visible.  We'll pick a better platform color for that, asking shorlander to help there.  This should get uplifted (only a css change).

The later approach will be to consider allowing a provider to specify that color (per attached patch).  We may limit the colors or let it be a free-for-all and make it a part of the criteria for partnered providers that the color scheme works well/looks good.
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hello has used its own css, otherwise we'll stick to the current css unless some need arises.
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