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Google Search Field Grey Text

I have a serious issue with the dark themes in Ubuntu Studio 12.0.4 (Low Latency) & Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1. My input text for the most part on the Google Search Engine is a light Grey. The text box I am editing this text in has a Dark Blue background & white text.

Is there a way to force Mozilla Firefox to render standard colors? How can I prevent the theme colors from rendering in the web browser? There have been similar issues reported on previous versions of Mozilla Firefox. Please view this entry below:

I've researched this all to no avail.  Others have had a similar issues. Someone needs to address this either Mozilla or Ubuntu:

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Here is another view of the actual issue as you can see the text field is blue.

Here is an additional screenshot for this issue. All of the form fields are blue.

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Here is a Screenshot of my Ubuntu Theme on my desktop before the assumption is made that my applied Firefox Theme is causing the Blue Background you see. You may view this Screenshot as well.

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This is just one more Screenshot so that you can see the "Use System Colors" box is unticked.
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womanboss, if you visit about:config in Firefox (just type it in the URL bar), what is the value of the editor.use_custom_colors preference?

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Actually, I'm unclear on precisely what behaviour you are expecting, versus what you are experiencing. Do you expect all textboxes to be light text on dark backgrounds, or something else?

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use_custom_colors preference Non-Existent

The use_custom_colors preference is Non-Existent.  To further answer your question the major issue here is that you can't see text which is being rendered "Light Grey" on a white background.  The browser is defaulting to the system theme.  How do I know this you ask?  Because as soon as I change Ubuntu Studio 12.0.4 back to the default theme the text turns black in all the Google Search Form Field.  Thank you for your timely response.  Do I need to create that value you just mentioned (Non-Existent use_custom_colors preference)?  If so please provide instructions.

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When You Change The Ubuntu Desktop Theme The Text In Field Changes

Also, my preference would be to have standard form fields unless denoted via a theme.  In this case the theme isn't causing the "Light Grey Background"--the Ubuntu desktop theme is dictating this behavior. See this screenshot as well.

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Apologies in advance I meant "Light Grey Text" as opposed to "Light Grey Background".


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