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Remove unused stuff from mozilla manifests


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: GonkIntegration, defect)

Gonk (Firefox OS)
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(3 files, 1 obsolete file)

We have 12MB of wasted space in

  <project path="external/icu4c" name="platform/external/icu4c" />
  <project path="system/media" name="platform/system/media" />

I /think/ that just removing the manifest entries should fix that wagon.

Gabriele or John, want to grab?
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> Gabriele or John, want to grab?

Got it :-)
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Tough luck, this seems more complicated than I had anticipated and we may not be able to remove icu4c at all. The first obstacle I encountered was that sqlite had a dependency on it. After getting rid of it too I hit a snag when trying to build the base system. Apparently the libmedia library is deeply ingrained in the core frameworks; a bunch of stuff from frameworks/base links to it and in particular libcameraservice. Since we actively use libcameraservice in Gonk I don't think we can get rid of that particular dependency. Now libmedia also depends on icu4c so I don't how we'd be able to get rid of icu4c easily (if at all).
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The Android ringtones are part of the platform/frameworks/base project so they cannot be removed from the manifest, however we can prevent them from being packaged by removing the makefile step which includes them. This shaves ~6MiB from the build image and will make the Otoro releng builds flashable again.
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This removes the apache-http, jhead and libphonenumber packages from all manifests. After much wrangling with dependencies and a discussion with :mwu we came to the conclusion that removing icu4c is almost impossible due to its dependencies with core libraries such as libmedia.
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