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Unhack JSM concatenation in /services


(Firefox Health Report Graveyard :: Client: Desktop, defect, P4)



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In bug 834936 and bug 836177 we used preprocessor magic to concatenate JSMs together to load them in a single compartment so we wouldn't have so much memory overhead from multiple compartments. This is ugly and prone to subtle gotchas.

As soon as zones lands we should unhack these changes (after veriyfing we don't regress memory too much, of course).
Priority: -- → P4
Component: Metrics and Firefox Health Report → Client: Desktop
Product: Mozilla Services → Firefox Health Report
Zones have landed now.
At various times I've attempted to unhack the concatenation. However, there are some subtle "namespacing" issues w.r.t. providers and their prototypes that causes some things to fail pretty hard. I think the same type is getting imported under two names and the prototype chain checking is failing as a result. Whoever takes this bug will have a "fun" time sorting it out!
FHR is going away per bug 1209088, lets take a look whether this is still needed.
Whiteboard: [measurement:client]
See; component has been deprecated.
Closed: Last year
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
Product: Firefox Health Report → Firefox Health Report Graveyard
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