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[meta] Disable & remove FHR on desktop


(Firefox Health Report Graveyard :: Client: Desktop, defect, P3)



(firefox44 affected)

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(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: [measurement:client] [measurement:client:project])

Once we landed bug 1208376 (disabling FHR upload), we can start to investigate fully disabling FHR on desktop and let it ride the trains.

If that goes well we can later remove the FHR desktop code.
Let's not move too slowly. I think we can remove the code immediately.
Priority: P3 → P2
Points: --- → 2
Points: 2 → ---
Priority: P2 → P3
Depends on: 1210815
Keywords: meta
Summary: Disable FHR on desktop → [meta] Disable & remove FHR on desktop
Depends on: 1230530
Removing the providers in bug 1230530 should be a rather stand-alone bug to work on.

Other work i can think of:
* removal of all of services/datareporting, services/healthreport, services/metrics
* investigating code covered by MOZ_SERVICES_HEALTHREPORT, MOZ_SERVICES_METRICS and any AppConstants.jsm equivalents:
* find out if we have other build flags here
* investigate code that uses ";1" et al
* watch out that we don't have any JS/JSMs left in any or other registrations
* remove any now-unused preferences for metrics, healthreport, datareporting

One problem is that we have to coordinate properly with the Android side (bug 1230206 and bug 1183320) for clean landings and not introducing temporary workarounds etc.
Depends on: 1230206
Whiteboard: [unifiedTelemetry] [measurement:client] → [measurement:client] [measurement:client:tracking]
The Android codebase is entirely separate, and we don't ship any of the desktop code. 

We do use MOZ_SERVICES_HEALTHREPORT, but it's set in mobile/android/, so whatever you do to the desktop confvars shouldn't break anything. We use that to enable about:healthreport, and AIUI we're keeping that around, so perhaps it'll stay set.
See Also: → 1183320
Depends on: 1234518
Depends on: 1234522
Depends on: 1234526
Depends on: 1235345
Depends on: 1236551
Depends on: 1236588
Whiteboard: [measurement:client] [measurement:client:tracking] → [measurement:client] [measurement:client:tracking] [measurement:client:project]
Whiteboard: [measurement:client] [measurement:client:tracking] [measurement:client:project] → [measurement:client] [measurement:client:project]
Depends on: 1237978
Depends on: 1237983
Closing this, all the dependencies landed.
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Firefox Health Report → Firefox Health Report Graveyard
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