Need ability to debug log FHR submission activity over time



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One of the most important features for getting accurate metrics out of FHR data is the guarantee that there will only be one instance of a submission doc in the server for a given installation.  This is enforced by sending in the X-Obsolete-Document header during each subsequent submission referencing the report ID of the previous report to be deleted by the server.

If the server does not reply with an appropriate success code, the submission with the header should be re-tried to ensure the delete occurs.

We have some evidence of multiple documents in the server for at least one user (me).  I would like to be able to enable debug logs that would show the time and response of each submission attempt to try to narrow down whether this continues to happen and what the possible reason might be.
We could probably throw up a file log4moz logger for BagheeraClient and possibly HealthReporter. Off by default, enabled by prefs for the initial landing. Can look into enabling by default if we have pruning, etc.

rnewman: thoughts?
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That sounds like a decent approach. Lazy-load log4moz, make sure we close the file handle when we're done uploading.
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This should be a lower priority fix vs any of the current perf/memshrink work.  We just found a likely culprit for my problem, but this would still be a useful troubleshooting tool for the future.
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3 years ago
FHR is going away per bug 1209088, wontfix.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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