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AWSY: ~4MB regression in explicit/resident memory usage on Fennec ARMv6


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See, and zoom in to circa 30 jan 2013. There is a 4.53 mb regression in startup resident memory usage; 3.87 mb in explicit memory usage. The regression range (from inbound builds) is:
Sorry, misread the graph data. 835178 is off the hook.
No longer blocks: 835178
Bug 835503 removes some debug-only code, so I doubt it is at fault.
No longer blocks: 835503
The diff between the two about:memory reports shows that the largest difference comes from:

8077244 explicit
  2911848 explicit/workers (added)
    2911848 explicit/workers/workers() (added)
      2911848 explicit/workers/workers()/worker(resource:\\gre\modules\osfile\osfile_async_worker.js, 0x59496400) (added)

Looks like bug 828201 is the winner.
No longer blocks: 761552, 828347
Whiteboard: [MemShrink]
Should we back out the offending cset?
What does "2911848 explicit/workers (added)" mean exactly?
Attached file About:memory diff
It means that when comparing the "before" about:memory dump to the "after" about:memory dump, the total in the "explicit/workers" subtree went up by 2911848 bytes. The "(added)" means that the explicit/workers tree didn't even exist in the "before" dump. I've attached the full diff (as generated by my tool at operating on the raw json files.
There was a talos RSS regression at about the same time: bug 836429.
A nit:  when we file an AWSY regression bug can we please include a screenshot?
I backed out the offending change in

My AWSY builder is catching up on some backlog so it hasn't run the backout yet; I will resolve this bug once that happens. Note that the talos RSS regression in bug 836429 was fixed by the backout.
The AWSY website isn't showing the data yet, but the backout cset was processed, and it brought the resident memory down from 81399808 bytes to 77836288 bytes.
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