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[camera] No dismissal of the error message; quit of the application.


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## Environment :
Gaia   0abc95774d0bbdfe314fa588e09fc92cac3e6427
BuildID 20130130113326
Version 18.0
## Repro :
1. fill the SD card with junk
2. launch the camera app

## Expected :
Message stating it is filled; a quit app button

## Actual :
No buttons, just the message.  User has to figure out to hit/long tap the home button and kill the app.

## Note :
Hrm.  other ways to get into the camera app are from the homescreen and gallery...  Not 100 % sure what makes a good flow...
I'm cleaning up old bugs. This one is more than one year old but still valid. I think we need to provide a button to close the app on this kind of modal windows. The message is telling the user that the app cannot be used but still remains open consuming resources. An easier way to reproduce a similar scenario is go to settings, enable USB storage, connect the phone to the computer and open the camera.
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This seems to be related to the other bug about having to stop and save a video when running out of storage space? Bug 973026 

I think for both of these we could handle them in a similar way:
1. consistently show UI for when there is not enough space to take photo or video and prevent the app from draining the battery
2. consistently show UI to preemptively alert the user that they are running low on space

Adding katie so she can take a look at both at the same time since they seem to be related (at least to me!)
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Diego, when you get a minute can you please review this attachment. Contains mini UX spec for Bug 837207 and Bug 973026.

SD Card (memory/storage) is full, user opens camera app » Warn user of low storage, OK button quits the Camera app so as to limit its effect of
resource consumption.

Title: Memory Card Full
Body: Camera can not be used. To free up space, try deleting Gallery photos or videos.

The user should see the message when launching the camera application if the storage is <x>MB or lower.
Tapping OK, quits Camera app and takes user back to homepage
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Whiteboard: uxwanted interaction-design, ux-most-wanted-nov2014 → uxwanted interaction-design, ux-most-wanted-nov2014, polish
Keywords: polish
Whiteboard: uxwanted interaction-design, ux-most-wanted-nov2014, polish → uxwanted interaction-design, ux-most-wanted-nov2014
Whiteboard: uxwanted interaction-design, ux-most-wanted-nov2014 → ux-tracking, 2.6UXnom
Firefox OS is not being worked on
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