leak increase to >5KB in late 05/2001



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17 years ago
Leaks went up over 5KB according to the leak tests. curt, thesteve: could you 
please elaborate on exactly what this test is measuring? Also, if we have the 
raw data, could you attach to the bug?

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17 years ago
curt, thesteve, can you provide some raw data on the leaks and attach to this 
Blocks: 71874

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17 years ago
The raw, raw data is really huge--so huge, in fact, it broke Steve's 
ananlysis tool--so rather than attach it, I think I'll just point to it:  
/u/curt/boehm/results/010604/gtol.LEAKS and ltog.LEAKS.  These are today's 
results which are down about an order of magnitude from the last test we did, 
but about an order of magnitude greater than what we were consistantly seeing a 
month ago.

I have been including putting these files up on 
ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/data/leaks but they are just too darn big, even 
zipped, to push up there right now.  If someone needs to look at them and cannot 
get to my home directory let me know and we'll come up with another alternative.

I'll have to leave it to Steve to fill in the details of exactly what these 
tests are measuring.

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17 years ago
On "what exactly this test is measuring:"

This is a LINUX test, measuring gtkEmbed configured with a .mozconfig file
(which I will attach to this bug.)

The input data are two files from the static test suite: static41x3_gtol.list
(whose output is graphed as "gtol"), and static41x3_ltog.list ("ltog"). The
command line to run the gtol test is:


The ltog test comand line is the same, except that the list file is

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17 years ago
Created attachment 38310 [details]
.mozconfig file to recreate these leak test results

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17 years ago
I'll be attaching two files (one for the "ltog" case, the other for "gtol",
which represent the output from my "leak-diff" tool prototype.
This tool compares two leak files (from two different dates), and reports the
new leaks. the format of the file is:

`72 instances (for a total of 2016 bytes) of:` followed by the call stack.

The two dates I've picked are May 9th, one of the last dates before the leaks
went wild, and June 13 the last date we have an overnight build for. Each
attached file reports only the 12 leading leak sites (by total bytes leaked).  
I've just picked these limitations: the dates and limits on number of sites
reported can be changed.

I'm asking for help in the part which requires some human intervention: perusing
the stacks, and using addr2line to try to pick out the leak causes.

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17 years ago
Created attachment 38544 [details]
top 12 ltog leak sites

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17 years ago
Created attachment 38546 [details]
top 12 gtol leak sites

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17 years ago
Okay, that's bug 84401. I'm going to mark this as a dup.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 84401 ***
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