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Mozprofile should handle userChrome/Content.css and overlays


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Mochitests add some stuff to userChrome.css and add a few overlays. See:

This is something that mozprofile should probably handle. Though it only seems to be required for mochitests and looks complex enough that I'm not going to tackle it right away.
It probably goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: if at all possible (e.g. if there is nothing to interpolate, which seems to be the case), these should go to files (in, in this case, m-c) vs strings in code.  If need be, we could support both, but I'd lean towards files for this again where possible.
In general, I notice a coupla patterns here (or at least implied by this) wrt to mozprofile:

- there is stuff (preferences, potentially these CSS files, etc) that could live locally or could live on the web. We should in general make it mostly transparent to work with, both for users and for developers of mozprofile

- there is stuff (e.g. preferences) that may need interpolation.  Again, we should condense this to a marker interface so that this is easy for programmers and hopefully easy to make evident to consumers

While completely out of scope, I'll note it here, as I don't think there's really enough to file an actionable bug yet.  But something to keep in mind...
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