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Consider not going into the error state when @max < @min for <input type=range>


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Bug 836314 comment 28 follow-up.

It would probably make sense to change the way that we handle @min/@max when @max < @min. Currently that means that we suffer from overflow. We should bring up the idea in the WHATWG of not going into the overflow error state in this case. Mounir will email them.
Blocks: 841950
Blocks: 344618
Some code is checking that minimum < maximum. If this bug got solved, we should fix it.
I'm not really sure I agree that we should do this. In any case, this would require changes to the spec, so moving this out from blocking the initial release to blocking bug 853822.
Blocks: input-range
No longer blocks: 344618, 841950
Mounir, if you think we should do this, can you follow-up in the whatwg list? If the spec is going to change, it would be better to have that done sooner rather than later so we can ship something consistent with that. That said, it's probably not too urgent since this is a pretty darn far out edge case.

Given that Chrome implements that proposal, unless there are objections, we should probably just implement it too.

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