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Flip the pref to enable <input type=range> for release builds


(Core :: DOM: Core & HTML, defect)

Not set





(Reporter: jwatt, Assigned: jwatt)



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Depends on: 841942
Depends on: 841943
Depends on: 841946
Depends on: 841941
Blocks: 344618
Depends on: 842021
Depends on: 842163
No longer depends on: 841942
Depends on: 840820
Depends on: 845808
Depends on: 846883
Depends on: 849524
Depends on: 849552
Depends on: 851090
Depends on: 851777
Depends on: 851779
Depends on: 851782
Depends on: 854133
Depends on: 853808
Depends on: 853525
Depends on: 855301
Depends on: 857034
Depends on: 859139
No longer depends on: 842021
No longer depends on: 841946
No longer depends on: 851782
Depends on: 862518
No longer depends on: 841943
Depends on: 863634
Looks like bug 853525 is rather a nice to have than a dependency. All other Bugs are resolved. Can we flip the pref now for Fx 23?
The pref is already on for Fx 23.

With regards to the conversion to Decimal, we need that for actual release in my opinion. The only thing blocking that bug from landing is bug 868814, and if needs be I can work around that to get the Decimal conversion landed for v23. I'd rather hold off on a workaround to see if we can get a "proper" fix though.
Is it plausible to have a proper fix in time for early/mid Auroras (v23) so it can be uplifted easily? If not, another solution could be providing a stopgap fix only for Aurora (that rides the trains) but not for m-c. Or disable the pref once again (but IMO it would be nice to have this feature working in the next ESR).
I have a workaround in hand which can be landed before the v23 uplift if needs be.
(In reply to Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] from comment #4)
> I have a workaround in hand which can be landed before the v23 uplift if
> needs be.

I landed with that workaround since the real fix to the linking of mozglue.dll looks unlikely to make v23.
All done here and good to release. Any further improvements or requests for changes should be marked as blocking bug 853822.
Closed: 11 years ago
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