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Separate out requests that I need to respond to from requests I've made in "My Requests"


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(I'm filing this in the b.m.o component because I expect this bug, if fixed, would be fixed by a b.m.o extension.  Sorry if this is nonetheless the wrong component.)

It would be really nice if the "my requests" page separated out requests I've made from requests others have made to me.  Right now in order to view my review queue, I have to sort through a list which includes the review requests I've made to others.  This caused me to miss a review last week (bug 841564 comment 3), and I suspect I'm not the only one who's messed this up.
You can accomplish this by clearing your login from the "Requester" field and hit "Filter". Does that do what you need?

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Oh, interesting.  I had no idea.

That does meet my need, although I wonder how many other people are aware of this.

Perhaps "my requests" should be split up into two entries; I expect that would match how people use it in practice.
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> Perhaps "my requests" should be split up into two entries

these lists are split on the 4.2 dashboard, so it probably isn't worth making changes to the requests page.
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I'm quite happy to wait until 4.2 is released to have this fixed.  I'm happy to hear that an improvement is in the pipeline!
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> you can (and should!) play with it on

I dunno; I might file bugs...  :)
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