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please deploy 2013.03.01 to stage



6 years ago
6 years ago


(Reporter: _6a68, Assigned: jrgm)


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6 years ago
Jared thanks for this.

I deployed this earlier this afternoon with Edwin and Karl.  

Built and deployed rpm to stage:
./ browserid train-2013.03.01 5381817d1d325569ed6f5fcee771c1ff810af7b5
producing RPMS/x86_64/browserid-server-0.2013.03.01-1.el6_113638.x86_64.rpm
- for i in `seq 100`; do curl -s; done | sort | uniq -c
 100 5381817 Changes in 2013.03.01
 100 locale svn r113638
- for i in `seq 100`; do curl -s | egrep 'Current|dialog.js|dialog.css'; done | sort | uniq -c
 100         <script src=""></script>
 100     <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
 100    - Current Commit:
 100   <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
- for i in `seq 100`; do curl -s; echo; done | sort | uniq -c
  returns a public-key, no 500 error.
- for i in {web,sweb,sign}{1,2,3}; do ssh $i 'node --version'; done | sort | uniq -c
    9 v0.8.17
- for i in {web,sweb,sign}{1,2,3}; do ssh $i 'sudo svstat /service/browserid*'; done
  for i in {web,sweb,sign}{1,2,3}; do ssh $i "ps -eo pid,lstart,bsdtime,pcpu,pri,rsz,vsz,command | grep 'node bin/' | grep -v grep"; done
  shows the processes restarted and not flapping
- travis tests pass at this branch point -
- started a 250K ADU load_gen and will let it run for a while. RSS appears stable.

Comment 2

6 years ago
- completed a 24 hour run @250K for load_gen; RSS is stable (not a surprise
  in this train).

- ran through a manual test in firefox which looks generally good.

- automation-tests run clean on vista_chrome and mostly so on
  - (Although at some point we need to bump the versions for firefox and
  safari to somewhat more current; I have a preliminary branch at to
  normalize the names used in sauce-platforms.js (e.g., VISTA on Sauce
  really means Windows7 ('Windows 2008')) as a first step).

- Due to the need to finish BigTent in production, I may choose to revert
  stage back to train-2012.02.15 to match current production. I've stood up 
  a c1.medium at for testing this train, 
  if we revert stage to train-2012.02.15.

Comment 3

6 years ago
I'm going to leave stage running train-2013.03.01, and I've destroyed the awsbox for

Comment 4

6 years ago
Okay, I respun the rpm to pick up l10n updates: /ver.txt
is now '5381817 Changes in 2013.03.01
 locale svn r113972'. All nodes in stage are restarted on that build.

Comment 5

6 years ago
Okay, myself an (thankfully others!) have run through smoketests on multiple browser/platforms with no significant issues reported. 

Been a little distracted on this train with folks coming onboard, but checked the pending issues (most a while ago), ran frontend tests on multiple browsers including mobile.

Anyways, QA signs off on this train to go to production and I will follow up with that ticket in a couple of minutes.
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