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Snuggle up against spaceheater


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(Keywords: perf, Whiteboard: [fireplace] p=3)

Spaceheater is the hosted version of Fireplace.

1. Django/Flask app calls any valid route (/, /app/<slug> /search, /settings, etc.)
2. The view reads the jinja template (aka nunjucks in Fireplace, the client-side packaged app version of the Marketplace) and extrapolates the various API calls needed.
3. Within the view we make the necessary HTTP requests to the API. And we pass back the responses as part of the context to the template.
4. Jinja compiles the template, and we send the resulting HTML down the wire.

This means that as a hosted app and as a web site, the user gets beautiful HTML on any synchronous page request. And with a capable user-agent (one supporting pushState, HTML5, etc.) any internal click from thereafter does JS magic to re-render the page.
Reminder: We need a settings file should contain the API urls and CDN. Also we need a that contains the build IDs, like so:

BUILD_ID_CSS = "7076432"
BUILD_ID_JS = "7076432"
BUILD_ID_IMG = "7076432"
BUNDLE_HASHES = {'css:zamboni/files': '7f572d9', 'css:mkt/consumer-desktop': 'ec65c84', 'css:mkt/in-app-payments': '5709930', 'css:mkt/consumer': '3e484b4', 'css:zamboni/admin': '5fad975', 'css:mkt/stats': '2c6b37b', 'css:mkt/lookup': 'd858953', 'css:mkt/ecosystem': '9ad2023', 'css:mkt/devreg': '2abd377', 'css:zamboni/editors': 'b185ada', 'css:zamboni/impala': '53fcbdd', 'css:mkt/offline': '7d11131', 'css:zamboni/devhub': '7cc177a', 'css:mkt/splash': '598fe44', 'css:mkt/themes': 'a1c511d', 'css:mkt/
Blocks: 847688
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [fireplace] → [fireplace] p=3
Blocks: 859511
Blocks: 709636
Blocks: 860403
Depends on: 888395
Blocks: 889565
This is blocked on becoming a true packaged app because of the buchets. SH users will always see un-filtered results on first load (i.e.: not targeted to their device profile). That's less than ideal for FXOS/Android users. The only way around this is to add an intermediate redirect screen, but that defeats the purpose of having SH, anyway.

Once we're a packaged app, none of this will be an issue. Desktop users (and browser users...who cares) don't get quite-as-filtered results, so having them see potentially untargeted results on only the first load isn't such a sin.
Depends on: 897156
No longer blocks: 860403
Keywords: perf
No longer blocks: tarako-marketplace
Blocks: 992365
No longer blocks: 992365
Depends on: 1037161
Do we think spaceheater is going to happen? Suggested that we close this tracker and bugs.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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