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BaselineCompiler: Have a single allocator per compartment for optimized stubs


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Right now every BaselineScript has an ICStubSpace (a LifoAlloc) for optimized stubs and one for fallback stubs (also includes stubs that can make calls).

On GC, if a script is not on the stack, its BaselineScript is destroyed. If the script is active on the stack, we only purge all optimized stubs. This means discardJitCode always destroys all optimized stubs, whether the script is active or not, and we can move the ICStubSpace for optimized stubs from BaselineScript to IonCompartment.

This should be pretty straight-forward and is a nice win because it (1) gets rid of a LifoAlloc for every BaselineScript and (2) avoids allocated-but-unused memory at the end of LifoAlloc chunks.
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As described in comment 0, optimized stubs are now allocated per-compartment.

njn, asking you to review the memory reporter changes. I split baseline-stubs in baseline-optimized-stubs and baseline-fallback-stubs. These are now allocated differently, and optimized stubs are always freed on GC, so it's useful to distinguish the two when analyzing memory usage.
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Nice.  No comments - everything looks pretty good.
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Is ICStubSpace a compile-time-only structure, or does it persist to runtime?

::: js/src/ion/BaselineIC.h
@@ +894,5 @@
>      ICStubSpace *getStubSpace(JSScript *script) {
> +        if (ICStub::CanMakeCalls(kind))
> +            return script->baselineScript()->fallbackStubSpace();
> +        return script->compartment()->ionCompartment()->optimizedStubSpace();

I like the ?: form better!
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(In reply to Nicholas Nethercote [:njn] from comment #3)
> Is ICStubSpace a compile-time-only structure, or does it persist to runtime?

It persists to runtime. During compilation, the compiler allocates IC fallback stubs in an ICStubSpace. When compilation is done, these are copied to the ICStubSpace stored in the BaselineScript (attached to JSScript). At runtime, IC's can allocate both new optimized stubs and new fallback stubs.

> ::: js/src/ion/BaselineIC.h
> I like the ?: form better!

Me too, but unfortunately Clang/C++ diagree. If you have

class Base {};
class Derived1 : public Base {};
class Derived2 : public Base {};

You can't do "x ? pointer-to-Derived1 : pointer-to-Derived2", they have to be the same type or one has to be convertible to the other.
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