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[tracking bug] Run b2g emulator unittests on Ubuntu


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I couldn't find any tracker for this, creating a new one. We already run mochitest, marionette and xpcshell tests in AWS on Ubuntu. Still need to get crashtest and reftest working.
Assignee: rail → nobody
Depends on: 859867
The config and dump diffs look fine.
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enable b2g crash/refrests on cedar and m-c

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::: mozilla-tests/
@@ +535,5 @@
>                          '--cfg', 'b2g/',
>                          '--test-suite', 'xpcshell',
>                      ],
>                  },
> +                # TODO:

TODO what?

@@ +940,5 @@
> +            if branch in UBUNTU_CAN_BE_ORANGE_BRANCHES:
> +                # dont_remove_fedora means that the suite is not ready to be
> +                # run on Ubuntu yet (Fedora is the main slave platform for this
> +                # suite). Aplly to branches that we want want to see both
> +                # platforms rnning.

nits - some spelling fixes
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in production
Depends on: 882034
Depends on: 882631
Found in triage.
Component: Release Engineering → Release Engineering: Automation (General)
QA Contact: catlee
Product: → Release Engineering
Can we run these on the HW Ubuntu machines instead if OpenGL is the issue?
No longer depends on: 843100
== Status update ==
We run b2g reftests on rev3 minis on trunk:*reftest
These minis are currently *not* managed due to security issues with the old puppet setup.
These minis are to be decommissioned, they are currently incapable of holding the load (bad wait times) and the data-center they are racked in (SCL1) is to be shut down on H1 2014 IIUC.

We could run these jobs on EC2/AWS, however, it is not currently succeeding and no one is currently assigned to fix them (see dependent bug 818968 for details):*reftest

As catlee mentions on comment 7, we might be able to run them on in-house machines, however, it is likely that we won't have enough machines and would require a hardware purchase.
Whiteboard: [aws] → [aws] status-in-comment-8
We're hoping to get some help from mlee in bug 818968.
= Status update =
* Running hidden side-by-side on Mozilla-Inbound:
** All jobs are running green
** I will ask sheriffs if we can go ahead and enable across the board
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Too many tracking bugs. Moving anything left to bug bug 864866.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Component: General Automation → General
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