Warnings about harness-options.json missing from jetpack in an unmodified 1.14 download.

RESOLVED FIXED in 2013-05-30


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Actual validator report: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/addon/fightcode-utils/file/200874/validation

Missing Jetpack module

Warning: A Jetpack module listed in harness-options.json could not be found in the add-on.

Path: resources/fightcode-utils/main
Jetpack module version mismatch

Warning: A file in the Jetpack add-on does not match the SDK version specified in harness-options.json.

Module: defaults/preferences/prefs.js

Versions: 1.14/1.5-dev

Not sure if problem in validator or jetpack distribution. If it is validator I can fix it.
`prefs.js` is covered by bug 826408, so it is mostly the `harness-options.json` that I am worried about.
Can you upload the add-on that this is happening with?

We're probably going to be getting a lot of submissions with Jetpack 1.14 in the coming days, so we need to address this as soon as possible.
Severity: normal → major
Created attachment 731718 [details]
Addon that exhibits this behavior.


4 years ago
Summary: Warnings about 2 files missing from jetpack in an unmodified 1.14 download. → Warnings about harness-options.json missing from jetpack in an unmodified 1.14 download.
Alex, you made changes to manifest.py somewhat recently. Any ideas here?
Oh I haven't thought about the possible breakage of amo-validator when modifying the manifest...

So what happens is that we changed a bit the manifest key. It isn't any longer the path in the xpi.

For the addon attached in this bug, we have a main.js in /resources/kwierso-201/lib/main
But here is how looks like the manifest:
"manifest": {
  "kwierso-201/main": {
   "docsSHA256": null, 
   "jsSHA256": "58771c4c07cbf2228c493da788d1f77d7724873d1e871f4b9b3fe68247bd9f36", 
   "moduleName": "main", 
   "packageName": "kwierso-201", 
   "requirements": {}, 
   "sectionName": "lib"

The second important point is that we striped down the manifest. It now only contains addon modules (and no longer SDK modules). We still ship SDK modules in the xpi, but starting with FF21, modules shipped in Firefox will be used instead of xpi ones. That's to be compatible with FF20-.
Otherwise, we will most likely stop shipping SDK modules in to SDK release, and also eventually simplify xpi layout to match source code layout.

Having said that, I'm not sure it is that relevant to check for addon module checksum?
It was more important for SDK modules, but not as important for addon ones.
So I'm suggesting to get rid of this check:
That's fine with me.
Cool, consensus, I'll patch it and submit a pull request. Should go out this Thursday.
Ping, hitting the same problem with my new add-on, and the error is a little confusing.
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