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Tracking bug for gcc 4.7 switch on linux


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Are any large, stable projects (perhaps even distros) using 4.7? Put another way, do we risk subjecting our users to undiscovered bugs in a newer compiler version because we're an early adopter? i.e. I'd prefer we let someone else "QA" the compiler before we switch to it.

Since 4.7 was released only a few weeks ago, I suspect the answer is "no, nobody else is largely using 4.7 yet." So, why are we risking this transition?
Oh wait - it was released in 2012. Disregard the 2nd paragraph. The original point still remains though.
gcc 4.7 has been used to build Firefox on all the main distros for a while.
And the version that was released a few weeks ago is 4.8 :)
I suspect most Mozilla developers building on Linux are also using gcc >= 4.7.
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for whatever its worth I believe gcc 4.5 is officially not supported anymore either.
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Switch linux builds to gcc 4.7.2

Review of attachment 750513 [details] [diff] [review]:

This is mostly a rubber stamp. I trust from the discussion on dev-platform and elsewhere that everyone is OK with this.
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This seems to have been a noticeable performance improvement on Dromaeo: 9.5% faster on 32-bit Dromaeo-CSS, 5.5% faster on 64-bit Dromaeo-CSS, 2.5% faster on 32-bit Dromaeo-DOM.
This *may* have regressed PGO build times by nearly an hour. Investigation in bug 893078.
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