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No favicons in Panorama view


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In recent Nightly builds (I'm not sure when this first arose, I don't all too often have enough tabs open to warrant grouping), I have noticed that none of the thumbnails in Panorama view display favicons. The generic "dotted box" icon is shown instead for all normal and app tabs.

I have attached a screenshot to demonstrate.
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Suspected bug:
Jonathan Kew — bug 828508 - use higher-res favicons for tab titles in hidpi mode if available. r=dao
Blocks: 828508
Ever confirmed: true
Keywords: regression
Similar to bug 866444, we need to strip the -moz-resolution fragment from the favicon URI as stored in the tab's image attribute.
Attachment #744665 - Flags: review?(dao)
Assignee: nobody → jfkthame
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fix missing favicons in Panorama view

Please use gBrowser.getIcon(tab).
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That doesn't work as well - it fails to get icons for restored-session tabs that have not actually been loaded, whereas reading the tab's image attribute does get them.
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fix missing favicons in Panorama view

Re-requesting r? on this version of the patch, in view of comment #4.
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Attachment #744665 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #744665 - Flags: review?(dao)
Depends on: 866444
Attachment #746416 - Flags: review?(dao) → review+
Pushed this to inbound; the behavior for "pending" restored tabs will still be broken until bug 866444 lands, but aside from that it should fix the issue.
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 23
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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fix missing favicons in Panorama view

[Approval Request Comment]
Bug caused by (feature/regressing bug #): 828508

User impact if declined: missing favicons in Panorama view

Testing completed (on m-c, etc.): in Nightly for a few days

Risk to taking this patch (and alternatives if risky): minimal - simple one-liner in tabview code, no effect elsewhere

String or IDL/UUID changes made by this patch: none
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fix missing favicons in Panorama view

Moving approval request from aurora to beta, as FF22 has now merged to beta.
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Attachment #746416 - Flags: approval-mozilla-beta? → approval-mozilla-beta+
Verified fixed with Firefox 22 beta 1 (build ID: 20130514181517) on Mac OSX 10.8.3 32bit mode.
QA Contact: manuela.muntean
Keywords: verifyme
Verified fixed with Firefox 23 beta 7 (build ID: 20130718163513) on Mac OSX 10.8.3 32bit mode.
Product: Firefox → Firefox Graveyard
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