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Change - Context Menu not clearing and being carried over into new tab using "Help (online)"


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Windows 8.1
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If you have a context menu opened (text, links, images) and you go into the "Settings" charm, selecting "Help (online)", the context menu will not be cleared and will be carried over into the new tab that has been created.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Open Firefox Metro
2) Go to
3) Right click on any link and make the context menu visible
4) Select "Help (online)" in the "Settings" Charm (You will notice that the context menu is not cleared and is carried over into the new tab)

Current Behavior:

- Context menu is not being cleared and is carried into the new tab when selecting "Help (online)" through the "Settings" charm

Expected Behavior:

- When a user selects "Help (online)" from the "Settings" charm, all context menu's should be cleared the same way it does when selecting "Options", "Sync" & "About"
Consideration for Iteration #6
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Went through this and also working for me, went through the following:

- Right clicked text links, image links and swiped the Windows Charm (cleared the context menu)
- Right clicked text links, image links and pressed Windows + C (cleared the context menu)
- Ensured context menu's from touch/mouse are being cleared once the Windows Charm is being swiped in
- Ensured it works with full/filled views without issues
OS: Windows 8 Metro → Windows 8.1
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