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Change: Selecting image links will display "Copy image location" & "Copy link"


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Windows 8.1
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When tapping on an image that is a link, the context menu will display both "Copy image location" and "Copy link". I think this is a bit counter intuitive as those two options are the same thing, just named differently.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Open Firefox Metro
2) Go to
3) Tap and hold on an image link (most images on the home page should be links)
4) The context menu will appear and you will see both "Copy image location" and "Copy link"

Current Behavior:

- Tapping on an image that is a link will produce both "Copy image location" and "Copy link" which are basically the same thing

Expected Behavior:

- There should only be one "Copy Link" option when tapping on items even if they are already links
For this one I think maybe in your particular example they are the same thing, but I think in general they can be different.

For example something like:
<a href="somelink"><img src="someimage"></a>

Please try with that and if you agree I think this can be marked as resolved/invalid.
ahh ya, makes complete sense in those situations. Thanks Brian.

Marking as Resolved/Invalid as Brian suggested in Comment 1
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