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enable unlocking of not visible images in the current tab on Fennec


(Core :: Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames, defect)

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Bug 689623 was only enabled on desktop, with mobile and b2g being followups due to the notion of visibility being different there. We should adapt and generalize so we use less memory for images on Fennec.
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I did some basic testing of this. It seems to work fine on timecube, nytimes, slashdot, google, google images, imgur, facebook.

I also tested that it prevents us from OOMing on my favourite images page

google maps seems to be broken on nightly right now (with the pref on or off), but turning the pref on in aurora seems to work fine. It briefly seemed like turning the pref on made google maps on nightly worse, but now I see the same broken behaviour on nightly with the pref on or off.

kats, do you have any suggestions for further testing before enabling this for all nightly users?
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flip the pref

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The only thing I'd want to explicitly ensure testing for beyond desktop are some mobile-specific scenarios involving the meta-viewport tag. I don't know how much of this is covered by your basic testing above, but I think the testing should include at least:
(1) a page with no meta-viewport tag,
(2) a page with a meta-viewport tag set to width=device-width (or something similarly small) but that actually has wide content so you can zoom out,
(3) a page that starts off with no meta-viewport tag and later adds one (i.e. goes from case 1 to case 2) and
(4) a page that starts off with a meta-viewport tag and removes it (i.e. goes from case 2 to case 1).

If all those behave well, then I'm all thumbs-up to get this landed! :)
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Ok, I tested those cases. No problems detected.
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