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Run more xpcshell tests on Android


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Android xpcshell is running reliably now, but only runs one test. We can run many more with just a little effort.
These all pass locally. Just need to get the modules dir set correctly in automated runs before checking this in.
Depends on: 861295
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First patch: adds chrome, locale, netwerk, zipwriter, xml, image, xpcshell example, xpcom, rdf

This patch updates xpcshell manifests to run more android tests.

Runs fine on try:

There is nothing special about this particular subset of tests: It's just the ones I started with. I will try enabling more tests in batches in the coming weeks.

I intend to update the bugs associated with modified skip-if/fail-if's (eg, bug 675039) once this lands.
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First patch: adds chrome, locale, netwerk, zipwriter, xml, image, xpcshell example, xpcom, rdf

Review of attachment 741035 [details] [diff] [review]:

I would like to see the try server run for this and see 10 greens in a row if possible.
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First patch:

Typical output:

INFO | Passed: 261
INFO | Failed: 0
INFO | Todo: 15
program finished with exit code 0
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Attachment #741035 - Attachment description: wip → First patch: adds chrome, locale, netwerk, zipwriter, xml, image, xpcshell example, xpcom, rdf
That started to fail on inbound, for android armv6 in the netwerk tests -- I disabled all of the netwerk tests again:
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(2) Add more xpcshell tests - mostly dom

Review of attachment 745730 [details] [diff] [review]:

wow, we are about half way there.
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(3) Add more xpcshell tests

Review of attachment 747951 [details] [diff] [review]:

wow, are we close to the end here?
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We are making progress, but there's still another 60 or so manifests listed in xpcshell.ini not yet in xpcshell_android.ini.

This should not have landed with DONTBUILD...
Quick status update: I am holding off on enabling more tests until xpcshell tests are running on Android 4.0/panda -- bug 874965. Progress on that bug is waiting on the ability to run Android 4.0 X on try -- bug 881293. AFAIK, none of this is a high priority; if that's not the case, please comment.
Depends on: 874965
xpcshell tests for Panda/Android 4.0 can be run, hidden, on try now. 

This patch adds a few more manifests and skips various tests for failures on the various Android platforms. The result runs clean on Android 2.2, Android armv6, Android 4.0, and Android x86 (coming soon!).

I hope to wrap up this bug with 2 or 3 more patches.
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(4) Add more xpcshell tests; skip a few for panda and x86

Review of attachment 794979 [details] [diff] [review]:

this looks like a nice addition to our xpcshell tests!
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Depends on: 911836
I resurrected the wip patches, updated as necessary, and verified on try:

This feels like a good place to close this bug. About half of all xpcshell tests now run on Android. Many of the remaining manifests require substantial skip-if/fail-if annotations for Android, and often tests fail on Android simply because the feature under test is not implemented, or is implemented differently, on Android. We've established a good framework here and shown that xpcshell tests can be run; I'll leave it to developers to add more tests as desired.
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